Jsay's Cosmic Journey

Jsay started her lighting journey on the campus of Norfolk State University. She was originally pursuing a degree in Medical technology but switch to Theatre and lighting design.  but due to her being the only technical student, Jsay had no choice but to enroll in the performance program, and learn the design trade for herself. 9 years later, Jsay has now started her own company Jsay.Luminary and Zenscentials. 
The JsayLuminary Brand was created for Jsay. to fully express herself creatively to her highest potential. The Lumiiverse is where all of the creativity lives.   
Zenscential is created on the Lumiiverse in the Cosmic Garden. Zenscential is an Aromatherapy salve infused with CBD creating the ultimate Zen experience. 

Come explore the JsayLuminary Experience !

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